How to Download Bootstrap and jQuery


How to Download Bootstrap and jQuery

I. Downloading jQuery library:
- Download the compressed production jQuery (latest version)

Steps for Downloading jQuery Library:
1. Visit
2. Click on the link "Download the compressed, production jQuery 3.4.0"
3. Press Ctrl + A to select all content
4. Press Ctrl + C to copy
5. Open Notepad
6. Press Ctrl + V to paste
7. Goto File Menu - Save As
8. Locate Desktop - Create a folder with the name jquery
9. Select jquery folder - Open
10. Type file name "jquery.min.js" - Save

II. Downloading Bootstrap:
-Download the ready to use compiled code for Bootstrap (latest version)

Steps for Downloading Bootstrap:
1. Visit
2. Click on Download Button
3. Go to Compiled CSS and JS section
4. Click on Download
5. Goto to Default download location
6. Extract the downloaded zip file:
Right click on the zip file - Extract here
7. Rename extracted folder to "bootstrap"
8. Put bootstrap folder at the desktop

Note: Download and rename folders to jquery & bootstrap

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